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Beard Growth Moisturizing Balm

Beard Growth Moisturizing Balm

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Our Natural Beard Growth Balms are made from 100% natural ingredients. The natural ingredients are enriched with vitamins and minerals for healthier beard growth. The balm softens and strengthens the beard hair, and the skin beneath the beard. The balm assists with beard itch and dandruff. Cleans the beard and leaves it smelling great.


  • Stay away from products which contains chemicals and toxins
  • Drink plenty of water to assist with beard hydration and healthy growth
  • Use a natural beard wash to wash your beard (sold separately) 
  • Use natural beard balm and beard oil daily
  • Use a beard comb & brush to evenly distribute products throughout your beard (beard comb included with purchase, beard brush sold separately) 
  • Keep your beard moisturized at all times
  • Keep your beard regularly trimmed and neat


Wash & dry your hands before touching any of your products. This will assist with eliminating bacteria to jars or bottles when used. Starting at the roots of your beard, apply a nickel size amount of beard balm in the palms of your hands, and massage it into your entire beard in a downward motion. Make sure to work it through your entire beard. Use a comb/beard brush to make sure the beard balm gets evenly distributed. Continue this process daily. Style as needed. More beard balm may be needed for long and thick beards.


Store in a cool area, in an air tight container. Keep it away from moisture and sunlight. 

Ingredients:  Natural Organic Carrier and Essential Oils, and Organic Essential Fragrances

Size:  1.6 oz.

Package Includes:  1 Beard Balm Tin, and 1 Plastic Personal Beard Comb

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