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Hair Growth Thickening Oil

Hair Growth Thickening Oil

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There are so many benefits to going natural by treating your natural hair with natural and organic ingredients. This includes your hair becoming stronger, extra durable, more nutrient-rich, shedding less, and growing faster. Shifting your focus onto a more natural-based approach to caring for your hair will help diminish your stress while also providing your hair with many benefits.

Using products that contain too many chemicals such as peroxide, alcohol, etc, can do irreparable damage to your roots, which can cause Alopecia (baldness), hair breakage, scalp irritation and sometimes stunted hair growth.

Our brand focuses on healthy and natural ingredients for all of our products to provide the very best selection of nutrients for all hair types. Our ingredients included in our Hair Growth Thickening Oil will promote hair growth and thickening. We also promote and encourage healthy eating, drinking, and lots of exercise to stay physically fit and healthy.


  • Moisture
  • Growth
  • Thickness
  • Strengthening
  • Heat & UV Protection



Wash & dry your hands before touching any of your products. This will assist with eliminating bacteria to jars or bottles when used. Divide your hair into 4 sections. Starting with one section at a time, apply a few drops of the hair oil into the palm of your hands. Massage the oil daily into your hair, starting with your ends and working your way up to the scalp. Last, massaging the oil onto your edges. Continue this process daily for additional hair moisture, and growth. 


All oils should be stored in a cool area, in an air tight container. Keep it away from moisture and sunlight. 

Size:  2 oz.

Ingredients:  All natural and organic oils used, in addition to natural all fresh flower buds. 

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